There has always been a Misconception – Creating a Innovation, or  may be to bring about a Innovative change in current product, processes, systems or services requires Creative Imagination, and Creative Imagination requires creative brain.

Most of us will believe that Creative Brain is Genetic Inheritance or Endowment.Either you have it or not.Innovators have different  type of  Gray Matter and large number of Sulci and ridges which brings about the Creativity in them.As such others ,we the common are average from them. But the research really supports it? Many researches have proved it wrong.More than 3/4 of researches points that creativity are not simply genetic traits nor endowed,these actually they can be developed . Obviously,if not Genetic trait then how come they get their brains to “Think Different” – the same slogan of Apple Inc Commercial.What makes them to get those world changing ideas?

In one of the research which I came through – Research of The Innovator’s DNA, which they compared five hundred innovators to five thousand senior Executives led to identify Five Discovery Skills that Innovator possess. Questioning , Networking ,Observing , Experimenting and Associating . It helps innovators discover new directions, problems, or ideas. Innovative breakthrough usually happens at intersections of diverse disciplines and fields. All innovators from diverse fields of expertise come together to create new ideas . Or you can say that some times a innovator may possess extensive knowledge from diverse backgrounds ,even though not at all unrelated with in them. Put simply, innovative thinkers connects fields, ideas, problems that others unrelated..what we call as Forced Association.